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Your new Talkinsights site is ready

MyVoice has now officially become Talkinsights and the new website is ready for you. In case you missed it the email we sent you is below. Feel free to read it and when you’re ready click the link to get started on the new site.

You’ll need to set a password for the new site - as things have to be so secure these days we can’t transfer your MyVoice password. So simply be ready with the same email address as you use for the MyVoice site and we can get you all set up at Talkinsights.

It is important to use the same email address on Talkinsights as you currently have for MyVoice. Otherwise we won’t be able to link to the same account and make sure you have all of your hard earned points in the new system.

Any problem and you can either email us on the old or the new support email which is They both go to the same set of people.

As ever thanks for your support. We couldn’t do what we do without people like you to help us.

An Important Announcement from MyVoice

I wanted to update you on some exciting news. We're moving to a new survey platform with lots of great new features for the future. Not only that but we're changing the name of the panel and giving ourselves a facelift.

We've been on the same survey platform for about nine years now and a huge amount has changed in that time. Back when we started the iPhone had only just been launched and the iPad was a "twinkle in the eye" of its inventors. Even if you're not an Apple fan you can appreciate how much both devices have changed the way we access online information and, of course, how we choose to complete online market research surveys. So it was about time we moved to a more modern system in order to make sure we can continue to improve your experience doing surveys.

At the same time we needed to make a small change to the way the panel works. Some of you have been on the MyVoice panel since the very start. All of our community members are really valued, but our particular thanks go to the long timers who remember when we started. We think our community has the best loyalty of any panel out there so a huge thank you to everyone of you that makes this possible. There are still a few of you might remember that originally the MyVoice UK panel was affiliated with a similar panel in Japan. But we really haven't had any connection with them for over eight years so we feel it's time to make a break with the past. So we're renaming the panel Talkinsights.

So what will change? Well not a lot, other than the name, to be honest. In particular rest assured that all your hard earned points will be transferred to the new panel. This applies whether you have just a few points or, like some of our longer term members, thousands of them. Nothing to do with your points and rewards will change at all. You'll keep your existing points, the new points you can earn per survey will remain the same and the rewards will remain the same.

In case you have any questions here are a few answers for you.

How can I check my points (and do anything else such as redeem vouchers, change my details etc.)?

In the near future (hopefully the end of next week) we will send you a login to the new Talkinsights website using the email with which you are currently registered with MyVoice UK. All you will need to do is to click the link in that email. So just drop us a line if you don't get anything in the next two weeks. Click the link on the future email and you'll be taken directly to the new Talkinsights website. As a security measure you'll need to set a new password. Sounds silly we know - but we do take security very seriously so we can't get at your old password to transfer it to the new system! That's all you need to do though. Once logged in you'll see all your details, and hard earned points, are all there in the new system.

What if I don't have time - what happens then?

No need to worry - we will transfer your account to the new system anyway and you'll carry on getting invitations to relevant surveys which we hope will interest you. As always our invites will contain a link for you to login to your account. You might need to check for the invitations from Talkinsights in case they go into your Spam folder but that's all.

What if I don't want to be part of the new Talkinsights panel?

Well we hope you won't feel that way, and should stress that nothing will change. But, if you want to leave, then there will be an unsubscribe link in the email you'll get in the next week. There's one in this email (at the bottom) and in every survey invitation we send you. Just click on any of these and fill in the form. We'll be sad to see you go but would never stand in your way, or make it awkward. We do need to be clear though - the MyVoice UK panel is evolving into the new Talkinsights panel so you won't be able to continue with the old MyVoice website - that will no longer be around.

So what new features and types of survey can I expect?

Well we think that our new system looks much more attractive with clean/simple lines. We hope you will agree when you get to see it in a week or so. It will also work well on a wider range of devices (smartphones and tablets included). Then, once we get used to the new system ourselves, there are lots of new capabilities that we are excited to start using.

So what happens next?

Early after Easter we’ll send you a second email. It’s just to inform you of your rights under the Data Protection Act and an important thing our Lawyers tell us we have to do. Then we are expecting to make the change over to the new system next Thursday (March 31st). As soon as we are done we’ll send you an email from the new system with more details and your new login. That’s it.

Finally let me take this opportunity to thank you for your support - we couldn't do what we did without you the loyal members of our community - and we hope you have a nice Easter break.

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